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MHC Camden

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard in Camden Inc.

the power of volunteers

we have over fifty volunteers who are devoted to helping the community. their commitment is vital to our success and their selflessness is what keep the doors of our store open.

Management Committee

navi lakelin

Navi provides vital services as a chaplain to all volunteers. Her steadfast devotion to the community has assisted MHC support crisis accommodation facilities. She has many years of management experience in catering, retail, and farming.

Carolyn Hampson

Carolyn has been a long-serving committee member almost since MHC's inception. Carolyn has previously worked on Mercy Ships and understands the implications of inadequate resources. She has also travelled to developing countries seeing firsthand the need for charity.

rob longley

Rob has been involved with MHC almost ten years. He works tirelessly as a volunteer and forms part of the management committee. His background in both finance and nursing means his input and guidance on operations and new projects is invaluable.

joy jakeman

Joy is a valuable project manager, able to deftly handle operational matters as well as new charitable pursuits. Her light-hearted spirit is engaging and infectious. Her input at Committee level is vital to the success of new projects. 

Cheryl turner

Cheryl devotes herself to the community and works hard to ensure MHC runs like clockwork.  She was one of our first community volunteers. Her friendly and kindly persona can never be diminished. She is also a committee member of Narellan Scouts.

karen stewart

Karen is the Secretary which means she manages many of MHC's administration tasks. Her accounting and business skills are put to good use in her role as the Treasurer. Karen is passionate about finding a proactive solution to domestic violence.

val stewart - president

Val Stewart was the founder of MHC and has devoted herself tirelessly to assisting the needs of the community. She oversees the operations of MHC and manages the furniture donations and deliveries. She engages with so many agencies within Macarthur but also manages projects nationally and abroad.

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