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MHC Camden

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard in Camden Inc.

Our Work

Domestic Violence Survivors

We provide furniture and household goods to survivors of domestic violence.  Agencies refer their clients to us for assistance. These people are starting over and need community support.


We work alongside the Macarthur Homelessness Steering Committee to assist people experiencing homelessness. We attend the Homeless Hub that provides access to much needed resources for many people.

The Community Working for the community

Money raised from the op shop goes back out to the community. We support other agencies in Macarthur and beyond to benefit people affected by domestic violence, financial hardship, and homelessness. We supply linen, crockery, cutlery, food to crisis accommodation. We provide clothing, DVDs, board games to mental health facilities. We donate nappies and clothing to women’s refuge centres. We give feminine hygiene products to women experiencing homelessness. We give food and gifts to those experiencing financial hardship.

Some of The other Stuff


Supplying Furniture

We pick up furniture from community donors and deliver it to domestic violence survivors rebuilding their lives. Our delivery crew are such hardworking men on every single occasion. Their strength and muscle is never taken for granted. Thank you also to Camden Hire for their generously discounted truck hire. 

bargain shopping

Our Op Shop in Harrington Street is every bargain shopper's dream. There are so many second-hand items at the cheapest prices, you'll never buy new stuff again. We have plenty of clothes for women, men and kids. There are all the kitchen and household items you could possibly imagine. Need a gift? We've got plenty!

recycling at its finest

We recycle people's quality unwanted goods by taking their donations and selling them back to other people that do want them.  We also have a fantastic volunteer electrician that checks and tags our electrical goods.  It's a far better environmental outcome than sending reusable stuff to landfill. 

helping Other Agencies

The only thing better than collaboration in business is collaboration between charities! We work with forty other organisations in the Macarthur district to assist them with their resources to support the community. There are some great charities in our district that offer vital services to the area. 

Community support

The goodwill in the Macarthur area is beyond belief. We have individuals donating furniture items when we put  a call out to social media. We have local associations raising money to support us as we support the community. We absolutely love being part of the local area and being able to provide the link between generous people and the people who need the generosity. 

Corporate Supporters

We have local businesses that donate their time, expertise, goods, and storage space to help us out. We have received gifts of support from government agencies and their staff such as Camden Council and Centrelink. We've been able to pass on food stuffs and children's gifts to struggling families because local businesses have collected donations. 

Our Valued Sponsors



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